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Sen. Pryor's Real Position on Gay Marriage (Brookland, AR)

Re: Post Entitled "Tom Cotton Shooting His..."

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

When Ronald Reagan Won (memphis) pic

Why Poor People Vote for Republicans (memphis) pic

The Liberty Bond: For America's Workers (Knoxville, TN) pic

Canada Parliament Suspect Identified as a Convert to Islam Wednesday, pic map

Retard; Repost; Retard; Repost;..... (SLN "memphis" Daily Ritual) pic map

The South Needs to Secede Again! (memphis) pic

I need to "correct" my previous post to "memphis" pic map

Proof of Global Warming (memphis) pic

Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe... (memphis) pic

Teaching People to Hate Their Government (memphis) pic

Teabaggers Vs. Scientific Consensus (memphis) pic

Just Keep Talking, Teabagger (USA) pic map

Write in vote for Chris McDaniel (Hernando) map

democRATs vs Social Security (WHouse) pic

Proof of Climate Change (NOAA) pic

Not Surprised Your Reading Skills Suck (memphis) pic

Food Stamps: Myth vs. FACT (Parkway Grocery) pic

"Right Off the Press" TODAY!! (Obama's Faux Pas Drive Change!) pic map

Yes folks; We ARE Dealing with a "child" in "memphis"! (Note the "SPIN"!) map

Proof of Climate Change (memphis) pic

Ah now; Isn't our SLN ("memphis") Cute? (Stupid; but Cute) pic map

POOP's SPIN on ObamaCare: (More BullShit) pic map

POOP ("memphis") Provides CARTOONS as evidence! (Global Warming) map

Food Stamps: Myth vs. FACT (memphis) pic

What happened to Obamacare and JOBS? (USA) pic

Re: CARTOONS as evidence (memphis)

Speaking of SCAMS: pic map

POOP ("memphis") Provides CARTOONS as evidence! ("Global Warming" Proof???) pic map

Al Gore's SCAM: Dated, but Remains Valid pic map

Re: Most Agree Al Gore is a Scam Artist (memphis) pic

No Surprise POOP is an Al Gore Fan; However (Most Agree Al Gore is a Scam Artist!) map

Global Warming & Al Gore's $300 Million (memphis) pic

Don't you "just love it" when POOP ("memphis") (Sticks his foot in his mouth?) pic map

Teabagger Sticking to His Playbook (memphis) pic

Tea Party Fraud Exposed! (memphis) pic

Obama's TRUE Legacy; We See It Every Day! pic map

Obama's TRUE Legacy! (memphis) pic

The Real Obama vs. Fox "News" Obama (memphis) pic

Rockefeller Heirs Divest from Fossil Fuels (memphis) pic

Let Us Not Forget ["memphis"] Credentials (or Lack of) pic map

How About a Dose of Reality? map

So-Called 'Global Warning' is a Ploy (memphis) pic

A Look at Obama's Recession pic map

The REAL FACTS concerning the Unemployment Rate pic map

Teabagger Wants His Own FACTS (memphis) pic

The TRUTH about Unemployment Numbers (memphis) pic

The TRUTH about the "Obama" Unemployment Numbers! (It's ALL in "how you do the math" ) map

Obama's Legacy Emerging pic map

"memphis" age? (Not sure, but.....) pic map

Most Everyone KNOWS the FACTS! (i.e. Excluding "memphis" ) pic map

O(s)ama vs the Negro race (Henning) pic

The GOP Plan to Fight Ebola (memphis) pic

Worse Than Ebola... It's TEAbola! (memphis) pic

Republican Idol vs Republican Villain (memphis) pic

Stand up American workers and UNIONIZE (Detroit) pic

re:conservatism linked to racism... (Earle) pic

re: Paul Krugman (Whiteville) pic

Greed and the 1% God! Money is their GOD (thou shall have no other God's before me)

POOP ("memphis") "Complains" with Accusations of "Obama Trashing"; (Then Trashes Reagan????) pic map

Repost, Retard, Repost, Retard, Repost, Retard, Re.... (the "memphis" label) pic map

On Riots and Rioting (memphis) pic

I Am Just Learning About Politics... (memphis) pic

Ah yes; Remember When? (Just 2 SHORT Years Ago!) pic map

"memphis" definition of a "Leader" pic map

Re: My Work Here is Done (If you don't) (memphis) pic

What's that SMELL???? pic map

"Convenient" interpretation of Racism (by "POOP" ("memphis")) map

If you "don't LOVE Obama"...... (memphis) pic map

Government Works Well Enough Except (memphis) pic

Re: re: Are you a Bigot?... (memphis) pic

re:Are you a Bigot? Take this Bigotry Quiz (TX)

Re: re:Tea Party wants less government (memphis) pic

Are you a Bigot? Take this Bigotry Quiz (memphis) pic

Re: re:conservatism linked to racism... (memphis) pic

Pryor for GAY MARRIAGE? (White Hall) pic map

Pryor let V.A. ruin my life, dont trust (Pine Bluff)

Pryor dishonors Vets service (Pine Bluff)

re:Tea Party wants less government (TX)

Truth and Facts behind [Obama's] Job Numbers map

re:conservatism linked to racism and low IQ (TX)

Mark Pryor Voted For Obama Care

Jacksonville Peoples Poll (Jacksonville, Arkansas)

WOW! POOP makes a valid point! (But maybe not his intension ) map

Stupid "Spin" Configured by "POOP"! (Fact vs Fiction) pic map

Conservatism Linked to Racism, Low IQ (memphis) pic

re: "Teaching" people to hate their Government? (Words vs Actions) pic map

Yep; and I say AGAIN: Daily Beast; (a LIBERAL RAG!) map

Unique Advertising Space Available (Tipton, Shelby County) pic

Problems with the Daily Beast? (memphis) pic

Like Little worms they squirm map

POOP ("memphis") uses "Daily Beast" as News Source?? (Hummm.. Wonder Why??) pic map

How about a TRADE? ("Hillary" for "Julie"?) pic map

"memphis" Label change may be appropriate: (How about "poop"?) pic map

"memphis"; We know it's YOU! pic map

re: Unions and other poster (memphis) pic

"memphis" responding to his own posts?? (i.e. Unions) pic map

Yes, it is SAD we NEED UNION'S (BECAUSE OF Greed and no moral's)

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Agree (memphis) pic

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